Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets": Connecting tourism and puppetry

13-08-2019 Lượt xem:

VHO- On the occasion of National Day September 2nd  and the opening of the new school year 2019 - 2020, from August 15 to September 15, the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater will reduce 50% of the regular performance ticket price at the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater (No. 361 Truong Chinh, Hanoi) with a unique puppet show called Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets.

The repertoire in Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets

Efforts to find markets, build art programs with new forms of expression for puppet theater such as Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets to improve art quality are remarkable efforts of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater’s artists.

Bring a new way of performing

Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets is a cooperation between the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater to implement the project "Supporting the development of tourism products to visit museums connected with performing arts and food products in Hanoi”. The Experiment tour of “Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets” is a unique art program, featuring a harmonious, creative combination between water puppetry and water puppetry and unique folk singing performances. Rich literary and singing songs with folk melodies combined with graceful, attractive and elegant dances have created a unique interference between traditional art and contemporary art.

Decorative art - arranged with Vietnamese architectural space has an ancient house shimmering in the middle of the lake with tiled roofs, banyan trees, bamboo baskets, creating a close, traditional Vietnamese village. In that space, the puppeteers have raised the level of traditional water puppetry to a new level by bringing a completely new and innovative way of staging and performing when combining human and puppetry, puppetry and human with the rhythmic and charismatic fusion like the “Raising ducks” scene, the combination of modern light and sound, folk songs, literary songs, rich singing, folk music and graceful dances in “Cô đôi thượng ngàn”  (Spiritual dance)... Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets show is arranged in combination of excellent performances, has won high awards at many prestigious international puppet festivals such as: Leg puppet, mask puppet, “Cô đôi thượng ngàn”  ... with traditional puppet performances such as Buffalo herd, Raising duck, The Legend of Sword Lake ...

People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater, said: “With the facilities, natural space and quality of performing arts, we have created a Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets which marks our Theater’s identification. We want to create a new change, the audience, especially tourists, when arriving at the theater, will not only see art, but also learn and experience the process of puppet production by artists. and directly participate in puppet performances with artists. Although the venue for the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater is not convenient as a hotspot of traffic, we believe that with the quality of art and interesting experiences to the Theater, the agencies , schools and families and performance organizers, tour operators and tour operators will come to the Vietnam Puppet Theater more often.”

Consistently surprise the audience

Indeed, there are many domestic and international audiences who have been conquered by the Vietnamese National Puppetry Theater artists when they come to watch live and experience with Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets. Mr. Wolfgang, a German tourist, said: “The first time I came to Vietnam and saw a water puppetry show, I saw the Concurrence of Vietnam’s Puppets as a very special program that cleverly combines stage puppetry art and water puppet. I can't think a puppet show that has such a large number of performers and the effect is amazing. If I have a chance to return to Vietnam, I will come to the Theater again and will definitely recommend to my friends when coming to Vietnam, I must come to this interesting place ". That is the impression of a foreign guest when arriving in Vietnam, but the most interesting thing is the interest of the domestic audience, especially the "kid" audience. Baby Tung Chi, a student at Ban Mai Primary School, Van Quan, Hanoi, said: “When I see the puppet dance at the Vietnamese National Puppetry Theater, I feel very happy. The most impressive act is Chasing the fox to rescue the duckling. The show has both water puppet and stage puppet so I and my friends enjoy it. I really want to come back and see again ”.

Not only loved by the children, the project also captured the hearts of many elderly audiences with programs to visit the puppet art gallery, learn the process of shaping puppets and directly participating in puppet performances with artists. Ms. Nguyen Hoai Huong, Tay Son Street, Hanoi shared: “I think this is a very good process to recreate, helping people understand more about how to create puppets and see the value of each character from wood selection, carving and finishing into character shape ”.

The one-hour program left cheers of delight and surprise. Somewhere, there was no stopping the sound of rubbing, admiring admiration. Just that is enough to evaluate the success of a traditional art performance that seems to be old, enough to recognize the enthusiasm, ceaseless efforts as well as the endless creativity of Vietnamese puppet artist always has a firm foothold in the home country's art at any stage and more importantly, when Vietnamese puppetry is always a recomended address for domestic audiences as well as international friends when they come to enjoy a stage rich in artistic value.