Do not think that directing performance for children does not require investment

The artists of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater have reviewed a new special puppet show for children and the program will be "embedded" to the International Children's Day June 1st. This shows that children are always the top priority of the Theater, though performing daily to foreign audiences and
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The New Land of the Jungle Boy program was meticulously prepared to launch an "kid" audience on the occasion of International Children's Day 1.6.2019

 Making art for children needs serious investment

 The new program titled “The New Land of the Jungle Boy” by the play director, Meritorious Artist Le Hong Ha has cleverly combined with many rich, colorful and quite modern puppet acts. The play is attractive and bustling, but behind that, it is also valuable to educate children in protecting our living environment. Play director - Meritorious Artist Le Hong Ha shared after the rehearsal: “When preparing for children, we used the songs and dances that our children loved to create closer interaction. When staging for children, we do not stand in the view of adults, but try to put ourselves in the views of children to staged to suit children’s interests. The script and the form of the show should be easy to understand and not too educational or big thought. The easier it is to understand the closer the children are. It is important to have fun and make them laugh. ” 

 Not to mention, but the directors and artists of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater all have an "implicit agreement" that making puppet shows for children must be more sophisticated, more creative and more difficult than other shows. People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater, said: “Many people think that directing performace for children does not need to invest, that is wrong. Directing performace for children also needs seriousness, creativity, attractiveness and highly professional. This is the criteria set by the Board of Management before developing a program for them. The puppet as same as circus arts are regular puppets and puppet control techniques. Must really capture the psychology of children and use their own vision to set up the program to be effective. The important issue is to choose right topic and the performance form, then add the dosage to taste the puppet types into the program accordingly, then to the stage decoration, puppet design then to choose a performer to a character accordingly... ”.


Puppet do extraordinary things ...  

 Ms. Ngo Thanh Thuy, Director of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater, said: “We always determine that directing performance for children must be really good and quality to create our Name on occasions of summer time for children. On peak days, our Theater serves all frequencies with 11 shows / day. The peak month like June is regularly from 2 to 3 shows / day. We are very happy that in the past few years, many companies, schools and agencies have come to buy tickets in high numbers to distribute to children of officials, employees or students to see. This is a happy signal when the puppet show is gradually consolidating its position in the hearts of young audiences. ”

    Previously, the topic of puppet theater for children was often confined to fairy tales and folklore, in recent years, the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater has built a very rich performance theater drama for children with many topics not only fairy tales, folklore, history but also the issues of contemporary life such as environmental protection or the science fiction. Interestingly, there is an interesting combination of many types of arts in one program, there are programs that combine both stage and water puppet arts, with programs that combine puppets with other art forms, bringing modern techniques such as sound, light, LED screen ... The recent success of a series of long puppets for children such as: The toad, Adventure with the fisherwoman, Animation country, Aladin and the magic lamp, Ton Ngo Khong three times fighting White Essence, Legend of the Sea ... has proved somewhat of the hard, passionate creation serving the children's audience of artists of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater. In addition to achieving high imcomes, many plays serving children have won high prizes at festivals and professional puppet stage shows nationwide and internationally.

  "A lot of people think that directing performance for children without investing is wrong. It needs seriousness, creativity, appeal and high professionalism."

(People's Artist NGUYEN TIEN DUNG, Deputy Director of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater)

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