22-11-2019 Lượt xem:

Under the direction of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater, in the morning of November 20, 2019, the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater Association held the 9th Congress term (2019 - 2024).

Attending the meeting were:

- People's Artist Vuong Duy Bien, former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, member of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Stage Artists Association.

- People's Artist Trinh Thuy Mui, member of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Women's Union.

- People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, Secretary of Party Cell, Director of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater.

The Congress of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater is a meeting of members in a political, cultural and professional organization to enhance social responsibility and civic obligations of the Nghe people. as well as actively contributing to the development of culture, literature and art of the country.

The congress has summarized and evaluated the general operation and drawn lessons from the leadership, direction and management of the Association's activities in term VIII (2014 - 2019). Promoting the spirit of solidarity, focusing members' wisdom and responsibility on the development of a strong Association, creating conditions for members to create and promote more high-tech works to the public.

At the same time, working out the operating direction for the IX term (2019 - 2024), electing the Executive Committee of the new term Association to ensure the set standards of 3 members:

 1. People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung - Head of the Association

2. Executive Artist Le Thi Hong Ha - Deputy Head of the Association

3. Meritorious Artist Nguyen Ngoc Triu - Member

The Congress of Vietnam Stage Artists Association branch of Vietnam National Puppetry Theater was a great success.