Vietnam National Puppetry Theater: Gathering all force to "attract" the domestic audience

06-11-2020 Lượt xem:

VHO- The year 2020 is a really tough and challenging year for puppetry as the performance market serving international tourists is closed due to the epidemic. "In the difficult, the emergence of wisdom", the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater has taken advantage of this "hibernation" time to invest in and set up high-quality art programs, targeting the domestic market, especially the child audiences.

Children spectators happily watched the program of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater at the Hanoi Opera House.

"I love you, Mom" is the first show performed according to the order of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and has just been started by the Traditional Art Team of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater. The creative crew in "I love you, Mom" are all bright names such as: Author Minh Nhat; director: People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung; director assistant: Meritorious Aritst Hong Phong; puppet building: Meritorious Aritst The Khien; Art design: Artist Ngo Thang ...

According to Meritorious Artist Hong Phong, Head of the Traditional Art Team, among the given scenarios, the Theater's Art Council decided to choose "I love you, Mom" because the play mentions spiritual and close motherhood. This is a topic that is lacking in art life today and is very necessary for audiences of preschool age and children. I love you, Mom brings people meanings of love, mother-child love, this will help children to understand more deeply about the concept of family. Building a 60-minute play with a system of characters, ideological themes, combining water puppetry and stage puppetry is a challenge for the art of puppetry, which is just a show, single item combined. The recent success of puppet shows such as The Rhythm of Hometown, Hydrangea Flower Dance, The fate of Kieu, Concurrence of Viet puppets ... helps the theater artists more confident and excited when embarking on. staging this program.

Starting of new performance titled:”I love you, Mom”

 Director of the Vietnam Puppet Theater, People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, director of puppet show “I love you, Mom”, said: “The program is aimed at a young audience, but not so we allow it to be easy. Every program we also focus on the quality of art and require new creations ”. According to director Nguyen Tien Dung's disclosure. I love you, mom will use the performing language of traditional water puppet genre combined with string puppets, stick puppets, mask puppetry. The creative crew will bring a new interactive art space, artists will perform in many corners even in the theater performance hall and small audiences will be able to exchange and participate. perform to immerse yourself in each game. The water puppet stage was opened, creating new and attractive spaces for the children. Sound and light are combined shimmering and modern in addition to the diversified and rich puppets that will surely make the audience go from surprise to surprise. In the program, there are many good songs about mother love, family love of musicians Nguyen Van Chung, Pham Trong Cau, Phan Huynh Dieu, Phan Nhan ....

The stage puppet shows of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater are always loved by child audiences.

From the beginning of the year until now, despite being influenced by the Covid-19 translation, the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater has made efforts to " lights up" with more than 200 performances at the theater and itinerant like performances to celebrate the Party Congress of Hai Phong city, serving children on International Children's Day 1.6 and Mid-Autumn Festival, even serving on Vietnamese Women's Day 20.10 ...

Director, People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung said: “The theater must pause regular water puppet performances to serve international audiences because of the Covid-19 epidemic, but this difficulty has helped the Board of Directors, Theater staff and artists make more efforts to overcome the difficulties. We decided that we could not rely on international guest performances but had to mobilize ourselves to perform for the domestic audience with puppet shows, combining both water puppetry and puppetry in shows. In the last 2 months of the year, the Theater will start staging two programs, all three theater groups will have to work hard, even there will be overtime training sessions, hard nights ... But I believe that the artistic creation pressure will help the artists to overcome them to build quality art works together.

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